Anonymous asked: dude, ok seriously, where did you get your slammin' frames? If I'm ever going to switch back from contacts I'm going to need a pair like yours.

If you mean my aluminum ones, they’re made by a company called Tura who, back in the day, specialized in ornate aluminum cat-eye glasses for ladies. Mine are a rarer men’s/unisex model they made. They turn up sometimes on Etsy’s vintage section (actually, the ones I bought were erroneously listed in the handmade section.) I had no problem getting my prescription put in them at the optometrist. Overall a little pricey, but not worse than a most glasses they’ll try and sell you at the store. Totally worth it for my favorite specs.

Here are few variations on it currently for sale: - Gold colored instead of silver, with designs on the corners. - These look just like mine, aside from the plastic on the ear-rests. - Similar, but more rounded on the bottom edges. Might be better for girls. - Same rounded feminine style, but in swanky black. - Ditto, in green.

I’ve definitely seen the men’s style in bronze and blue colors. The aluminum is really lightweight, pretty comfortable, and stays warm in the winter from your body heat.