Anonymous asked: fuck you zionists aren't some joke they are a real fucking threat you faggot

several other things on that list are real too?

  1. corncobs said: that cant possibly be true
  2. hypersleeper said: I like to pretend bugs aren’t real. I go to sleep a lot faster pretending that there is no possibility that they’re crawling all over my body, but they’re just too light for me to feel.
  3. oddison said: i hope bugs isn’t one of the real things
  4. travistorgerson said: Excellent argument, Anonymous. You’ve opened my eyes, and hopefully Neil’s as well.
  5. tetraghost said: slurs, wow, dude, so helpful
  6. e-bow said: probably thinks alex jones and david icke are actual legitimate sources of information
  7. druidcandy said: Is it the reptillians? I want it to be the reptillians
  8. blackholelectron said: also a threat: people who use homophobic slurs. congrats you’re awful
  9. get-ready-for-something said: Zionists are real :O
  10. roxa said: HAHA