Anonymous asked: Oh, so you DO own those pictures? I didn't see any copyright notices anywhere. Either copyright them or shut up about owning them.

I don’t even give a big shit about copyright, just the common decency of naming a source. if you’re posting something, obviously you think it’s something other people would like. So why wouldn’t you want to provide them with a link where they could find more of the same? It’s a courtesy to both the original creator and the new audience.

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  2. digitrev said: Not to mention that you own your copyright regardless of whether or not you post a notice.
  3. blueybirdy said: It’s not like copyright is automatically granted to any created work on the internet. Nope. No sirree. This person is a dumbass.
  4. nikittypaprika said: Neil still owns the copyright anyway??? What even is this anon.
  5. rpb3000 said: Because some people can’t be fucked to do so in a casual setting? *Anyone* can use a half-dozen sites to do a quick search to hunt down source. The poster shouldn’t be the one being *forced* to do so if they didn’t find it from the source.
  6. scaryboykakyoin said: I love how he has to get MAD at someone for having the AUDACITY to ask him to do that.