mysterydruids asked: Okay while adding the album name to the album data I noticed letters in the notes in each of the songs. I didn't think much of it till I listened to Transmission, which read out a code. I matched the numbers to the letters and the didn't make much sense (UHHHUSUHHC and HHHSUSUCHC). I mapped them to the numbers in the teens and the first one was similar jumble (to me at least)(EE22SMEB2O) but the second one did have something hidden (222MEMED2O). Have I stumbed on some kinda Secret or red herring

Mouth Silence has many secrets. You’re on to two, but they’re solvable seperately.

waxwendingo asked: Love the Mouth Silence cover! Did you make it? I'm always impressed with (what I assume is) your design work.

Yes! Thank you!

get-ready-for-something asked: Wait so are Mouth Sounds and Mouth Silence the Lemon Demon double album you've been talking about?

heck no!

melodyburst asked: You've been talking a lot about politics so I have to ask your opinion on something very important and personal to me. What is your opinion about the redubbing in Demolition Man, where they change the mentions of Taco Bell into Pizza Hut?

I think both sides of the issue have some merit. If only there was some sort of combination.

[apolitical chaser image with comedic value]

Anonymous asked: It's an amazing world in which we live where people such as yourself can be so damn sheltered that you genuinely can't comprehend how or why other people might have different opinions, and that there may be a degree of moral ambiguity about the situation instead of a cut and dried vignette where you plant your flag in the moral high ground and deliver your pandering dogma to the SJW crowd. Congratulations on ascending the world of self-awareness and so gracefully orbiting Planet Narcissism..

You probably would’ve liked me when I was in my teens and literally more sheltered. I was more into that moral gray area, both sides are half-right and half-wrong apathy shit. That’s what you do when you’re still figuring stuff out. Eventually you learn to stop assuming good faith in certain arguments. Some people are actual monsters. Don’t let them whisper garbage into your friends’ ears.

mrsputnikmusic asked: did you ever call Lucas Arts as a kid?

Nah, when I got stuck in games in pre-web days my dad would download and print out walkthroughs from BBSes at his work and bring them home for me. Printing stuff out and reading it later was the 90s version of looking something up on your phone.

Dang, you got me