it’s weird that the three biggest fandoms on tumblr are for Super Nintendo, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Matlock


Happy Birthday, Harry!

Sewn on this day, 1980

Anonymous asked: Were you really home-schooled or is that some misinformation you leave out there so you can laugh at credulous dorks?


rct2guy asked: Is there a way to support you via one-time donations, like PayPal or something? I'd love to support your great work but am wary of monthly payments.

Yeah, there’s a paypal button on

iampinklemonade asked: I'd love to be able to support you/your music, but could you please explain how Patreon works? I've never heard of it before, and am having trouble understanding it. Does it automatically take x amount out of one's account/Paypal every time you release something new, or is it something the patron would have to approve first when there is new content? Or is it a one-time amount? Sorry for all the questions!

Basically you pledge a certain amount to send a creator every time they post _____ (in my case, a new song or video) and I don’t think Patreon has to approve it, though I’m sure there are ways to report if creators abuse it. You can also set a cap on how much you spend per month, if you’re worried about a prolific artist draining your funds.

carolineeand asked: I was having sex with iTunes on shuffle and I came during "Best" from Mouth Silence.

having sex with iTunes

caerlean asked: Neil, I am a classically trained bass-baritone, and I have fallen in love with Imagine All Star People. Would it be ok if I arranged it for piano and percussion and performed it at a recital? I think people (and my accompanist) would get a kick out of it. Thanks for all the great material!

YES, and I think we’re all gonna need to hear a recording.

hindmulkulaas asked: Alright, I was wrong. It wasn't 'somebody' it was 'some' and still Incredibly faint. I wasn't the only one who wear it too. After a bit of looking around, the user Kynes made note of it in the soundcloud at that same point too in the song, so I know I'm not crazy!

I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m pretty sure I’d remember if I put any Smash Mouth in Mouth Silence.

Here is an unfinished mashup of Jocko Homo and some other shit which did not make the Mouth Silence cut

krentz asked: How much of your handmade music goes into something like Mouth Silence, or is 100% re-purposed sound? I could swear I hear some Lemon Demon-style riffs in certain parts

Some tracks (Goodbye, Best, Orgonon) have some original synths to tie them together. Space Monkey Mafia’s music is totally original.

Hoho, I gotta not make fun of my fellow youtubers