hindmulkulaas asked: Alright, I was wrong. It wasn't 'somebody' it was 'some' and still Incredibly faint. I wasn't the only one who wear it too. After a bit of looking around, the user Kynes made note of it in the soundcloud at that same point too in the song, so I know I'm not crazy!

I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m pretty sure I’d remember if I put any Smash Mouth in Mouth Silence.

Here is an unfinished mashup of Jocko Homo and some other shit which did not make the Mouth Silence cut

krentz asked: How much of your handmade music goes into something like Mouth Silence, or is 100% re-purposed sound? I could swear I hear some Lemon Demon-style riffs in certain parts

Some tracks (Goodbye, Best, Orgonon) have some original synths to tie them together. Space Monkey Mafia’s music is totally original.

Hoho, I gotta not make fun of my fellow youtubers

Anonymous asked: Mouth Sounds seems to be heavily influenced by the "Weird SoundCloud"/SoundClown genre. Is this accurate?

Not directly influenced, because I don’t know a lot about that scene. But I remember early mashup stuff (before it became a part of dance music) being more comedy-oriented, and I’ve always made funny edits of music for my friends’ and my amusement. Not at all surprised that there’s an active genre for it.


Enhancing the creepy factor in my art tonight via “creepflower.”


Enhancing the creepy factor in my art tonight via “creepflower.”

dominodominates asked: So if Mouth Silence takes place pre-All Star, what about California Gurls? And Chop Suey? And What Does the Fox Say? Didn't those come out after May 4, 1999?

Mouth Silence takes place on May the 3rd, 1999, in a universe in which All Star does not exist.

There is a neighboring universe in which only All Star exists.

Music is able to fluidly cross time barriers.

The more powerful the music, the greater its ability to traverse time.

The power of All Star is so great that it destroyed all other music in its universe.

The power of All Star is so great that on May the 4th of 1999, it authors itself into the Non-Star universe.

Mouth Sounds takes place on that date.

Only Rob Thomas and his friend Carlos Santana know the truth.

dominodominates asked: how is Mouth Silence a prequel to Mouth Sounds? Is there a meaning behind this?

It takes place in pre-All Star America.